Yea! My worm compost container has worms!! My mail carrier was grateful to find me home this afternoon when he arrived with one pound of “Live Worms”. It was an extremely hot day for October, even for Florida, and he didn’t want to leave them sitting out, but he didn’t really want to take them back on a Saturday and let them sit until Monday.  I know these 90+ degree days are not the best for Red Wigglers, but these worms were raised in Florida, so I’m hoping they are used to it.

I didn’t have my camera available to record any part of the process, but it was remarkably simple. I had followed the instructions included with my Worm Factory360 and had the worm container ready, with the damp coir mixed with the shredded newspaper and a couple of handfuls of food waste in one corner. I emptied the bag of worms and the “stuff” they were packed in (peat moss or dirt?) into the tray and used the Worm Factory rake to spread them out a bit. They seemed very active and burrowed right down. After watching for a bit, I covered them with dry shredded newspaper and then covered that with damp sheets of newspaper and then the lid. Now I am supposed to check back in three days. (Of course that didn’t stop me from showing the family when they arrived home.)

I did put a fan on the porch for a little while during the heat of the day and tonight I have left the porch light on so that they will be encouraged to bury themselves in the food I guess. I’ll try not to look at them for a few days, but it will be hard. I know the novelty will wear off before I know it, but so far this is sort of fun.