Well, here I am in the very early stages of becoming a home composter.  It’s starting to look like their may not be a clear cut “perfect choice” for a home compost container for me. 

The NatureMill composters look perfect at first glance. I could keep it in my kitchen – there wouldn’t be any smell and compost would be ready in 2-3 weeks if it works as advertised. It takes care of getting the temperature right and tumbles itself.  It does take a small amount of electricity, but still the savings in trashbag waste would surely still make it an environmental winner.  Although the reviews I have found on these composters are more positive than negative, there are enough problems to make me consider some other alternatives, especially since it’s a fairly pricey product. 

I haven’t ruled out the Naturemill, but will investigate tumblers and worm bins next.  I am anxious to get started, but will take the time I need now to come to the best decision possible.