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Make your own kitchen compost container? Are you kidding me? I am laughing out loud just thinking about it. Okay, if you mean using an old Yogurt container and storing it in the fridge. But when it comes to keeping rotting food in my kitchen, I think I will leave container design to the professionals. Although I maintain that composting is not super difficult, I do rely on products that others have designed and manufactured. I’m proud to show off my worm bins when I have company, but I don’t want my guests to know that I’m a home composter from the smell of my kitchen.

  • Compost Pail

    Adding your food waste to a compost pail as a part of your daily routine makes home composting a snap. Once a week add dump the pail into your home composter and before you know it, you’ll have nutrient-rich compost. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of trash you add to the landfill […]

  • Bamboo Kitchen Compost Container

    Have you seen the Norpro bamboo kitchen compost container? I don’t see any reviews on it yet, but it looks gorgeous. It has two charcoal filters, is made of natural sustainable bamboo and hopefully it will measure up to other Norpro kitchen compost containers that we have seen. I could definitely live with one of […]

  • Learning From My Worm Bins

    This week, I’ve been learning from my worm bins. Maybe I should say I’ve been learning from my worms through trial and error (nah, let’s call it trial and improvement). I added the second worm bin to my Worm Factory 360 about five days ago with the intention of layering the “ingredients” in the tray […]

  • The Worms are Moving Into the New Worm Tray

    I can see that at least a few worms are moving into the new worm tray that I added two days ago in my Worm Factory 360. Out of curiosity, I lifted the tray up and saw quite a few Red Wigglers at the top of the lower tray, where I never saw them before. […]

  • Adding a Worm Tray to My Worm Factory 360

    Today I am adding a worm tray to my Worm Factory 360. The first tray (now the bottom tray) is quite full with a mix of worm castings, food and paper waste and of course Red Wigglers. I’m not so sure I did the layering quite right on the first tray, but despite my inexperience, […]

  • More Frogs in My Worm Bins

    Remember a few weeks ago when I had a couple of little frogs in my worm bins? Well, I thought they were long gone, but yesterday, I decided to lift the bottom Worm Factory tray off to see if there was some reason that I haven’t gotten any leachate (worm tea) out of the spigot. […]

  • Worm Factory 360 – Time for Another Tray?

    As the worm tray in my Worm Factory 360 has really filled up, I’m starting to wonder when it will be time for another tray. I would guess that 1/3 to 1/2 of what is in the tray is worm castings and the rest is a combination of food waste and shredded paper… Lots of […]

  • Compost Bucket

    I mentioned that in the Home Composting Workshop that I attended yesterday, they were using a compost bucket in their break room. I asked the instructor if they had any problems with odors or fruit flies and she said they did not. The compost bucket they were using has a filter in the top and […]

  • Urban Compost Tumbler

    To me the term urban compost tumbler would indicate a compost tumbler that was suitable for a small indoor space or a small porch, deck or balcony. Otherwise, why use the term “urban” to describe it? That’s the definition that I’m using and so far, I haven’t really found anything that would qualify. The closest […]